Friday, January 13, 2012

And it begins

Today is officially my first audition, and of course I am sick as a dog with a severe cold. After months stuck living with the folks, slowly gaining enough strength for even the open adult classes at my local company, I am more than ready for a change.

I can't decide if the painfully slow classes, depressing jobs I picked up waiting tables, and strange awkwardness of moving back home after 5 years away take the edge off the excruciating audition process, or just further drive my self-confidence to rock bottom.

Let's go with the former, shall we? I decided to emphasize the positive. Why not? Being negative won't help me any, now will it? So here's a list of my personal silver audition linings:

1. I get to go to fun places like New York and Chicago - sometimes traveling so much even reminds me of touring!
2. Going into my last company, I was convinced that the words "professional experience" alone on a resume will improve my chances of getting hired. Hopefully that was an accurate assumption.
3. Also, I hope the practical result of three years in a company shows in a maturity to my dancing that my young competition lacks.

More to come - gotta find this place!