Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dear Janie - Happy Halloween

I am sure it was lots of fun to dance in costume. Have fun!
We had over 150 children !!! I look forward to talking with you tomorrow.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

PS -- Good Night!

Dear Sanna - Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! Class was fun this morning in costume, and I'm excited for my next class, too! Hopefully all the fun won't be over by the time we finish. I can't promise I'll be back to catch up on posts tonight, but definitely tomorrow. Until then, Happy Halloween!

--Janie, real ballet dancer with an anonymous name

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dear Janie -- Contradictions

This note is in response to your post on October 27 about class/studio parts and feeling confused.

Well, if we had 50 dollars for every dancer that has said that, we would be pretty well off. I would retire to the mountains of Italy, et vous?

This is quite common, yes?

Do you have the opportunity to speak with your teachers for an evaluation of your progress?
That can be very helpful to you and you may come away with a different sense for your placement in class.

I know how hard you work. The kudos from teachers and roles you get, come .... and go. It is confusing. (It could just be confusing, Janie.) Although, it can wear on you.

Again this is one of those situations where you have control over yourself and how you handle this 'internally.' (in your mind)

I know this happens a lot from the very young to the professional. I hear it in private sessions, read it in bio info and stories and have had discussions with dancers I know as friends (who no longer dance).

I AM GOING TO THROUGH THIS OUT THERE ... How can you handle this? What would you advise to a friend? ( and anyone else who wants to comment> That would be great!)

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

PS -- Read this article -- Me Generation Seeks Fame Without Sweat, by Luke Jennings.
The link is above. It is also posted on my website at (second article)

Dear Janie -- Ballet and friends

Ballet is not always about dancing or is it?

Sanna Carapellotti, MS,
Performance Specialist

Dear Sanna - Unexpected resolution

So the tension between that friend and I seems to have diminished a lot. I still can't help noticing she seems closer with others than before, but I'm thinking it might also have to do with a strengthening of the other friendships, and not only that she cares less about me. And besides that, another friend came to me recently saying the EXACT same thing, not necessarily to me, but she felt that everyone was distant, and her problems seemed much worse than mine. Comforting her and talking things out with her helped me realize that neither of us had it as bad as we thought, and we all go through similar things. Some of it is real, but we create a lot of our own anxiety. Teaching really is a great way to learn. Talking with this friend made me feel much better.

--Janie, real ballet dancer with an anonymous name

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Janie --

I will respond to the other part of your last post this evening after my Weight Loss class.

Dear Janie - Friendship

You have observed a distancing with a 'best' friend in class. The relationship has changed, maybe you are not socializing as before or she is not returning phone calls, or the friendship connections are not happening, sych as looking at each other in class, puttingon your shoes together, talking about your day. You miss her and the relationship as it was.

There is a change.

Have you asked her about what you have been experiencing? It may not be solely about you, Janie. There are many reasons why relationships change. It is easy to personalize and go straight for your own juggler. However, until you get clarification you do not really know.

She may be going thru a difficult time. It is possible that she has not told you all that is happening in her life. Maybe she is changing and realizing something.

Invite her to lunch, Starbucks. Either way if she says YES or NO, that is your opportunity to ask questions. You could let her know that you value your relationship and if there is something that she need to talk with you about you are all ears.

It is fun to have a close friend in the trenches with you. A quick glance in class, or a nod when it feels difficult can save the day.

This may be a time to explore other friendships in and out of the studio. I hear from other dancers how diificult that can be due to time and demands of dance, and other people do not always understand your commitment and needs to be in bed earlier, etc.

It is during these times that you must inspire yourself from the inside. How can you keep your motivation high? WHat can you DO to move throught this time. First handle it with your friend. See what is really happening.

Life can so eassily interfere with dance. One can have thousands of reasons that dance is effected - Your work is to keep yourself within a certain range of skill and ability. When life gets difficult, When life is smooth and easy you have to train the mind to keep the focus.

Do you realize that you can decrease 50% of your ability with one simple distraction?

This is why learning mental technqiues is so very important.

Much love -

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

PS -- You will feel soooooo much better after your talk.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dear Janie -

There is a lot of uncertainty for you right now in class and with friendships.
One can feel so alone during such intense training.
Good night for sure this time!

Dear Janie -- Friends ...

Well, I just lost a whole blog on the friendship issue you spoke of below. :(

I will write in the morning sorry -- I have to sleep.

Check it before you go to class if you can.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

PS -- I blog with a pre-professional ballet dancer who remains anonymous and has named herself, Janie, after NYCB dancer, Janie Taylor.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dear Sanna - Contradictions

When something good happens, there just always has to be that one thing to balance it out, huh? I was thrilled about the parts I will be learning for the company's next show, but rehearsals this week indicate that my parts in the school performance may not be so great. It was like the teacher was giving me corrections just prove me wrong, because she definitely told us all one thing, and happened to change her mind only after I danced it that way. I am clearly not a favorite in the school. Why would it be that the teachers in the company like me but not in the school? In the past, it seems that the people favored in the school got the jobs with the company as well. It is very frustrating and confusing, but it's not the end of the world if I am not the lead in the school show, I suppose. At least I have the company roles to be happy about.

I also feel like one of my best friends is really distancing herself from me. She's the kind of person that knows what she likes and what she doesn't and won't put up with things that annoy her, but I honestly have no idea what I did wrong. Sometimes in class I feel like I have no friends, and even though we aren't really supposed to talk in class anyway, I notice when that friendly face is gone and it makes me unhappy, which affects my dancing.

Don't get me wrong - my life isn't THAT terrible. I'm just whining. But I'm very excited for Halloween :) and to start company rehearsals!

--Janie, real ballet dancer with an anonymous name

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dear Janie -- I am very proud of you

After I read your post I sat with your words for a few days. I am
wondering how much of your day is actually spoken. Speaking of the
excitement of being 'seen' by your teachers to learn a part that you
may never perform on stage, yet will perform in the studio. Or the
desire to say to another, "I can see your disappointment because you
wanted that part and someone else got it."

This certainly is
not exclusive to ballet. However, ballet is a never ending pursuit with
little rest and a few king words here and there.

One must really want to dance ballet.

5 DAY CHALLENGE -- I am very proud of you. You have taken a simple
strategy and created a tool for yourself that can be used any time. It
is at your disposal.
Remember that when Janie is dancing as Janie
that she too is at her best. You may not know that there is a
developing dancer who is using YOU as her 'as if.'

GREAT that you enjoyed -Self-Talk (written by me). It is a simple yet important part of reducing stress related tension when dancing. It can be so much a part of us that we don't realize that we are so negative ... The link is above ...

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

-- I am finishing up a weight management audio program and following
that I have another performance related CD that will be released. I am
looking forresponses to this question and you may be selected
to be on my website with your response
. Here is the question --

Name one thing that you absolutely must do in preparation for performance?
Please respond to

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dear Sanna - Review of 5 Days and Inner Mentor

I thought a lot about the exercises I did last week, and I decided that there are a few alterations I would like to make, at least for myself. First of all, I think pretending I am a certain professional dancer is a great way to make a class more interesting and improve my dancing by adding a new outlook and twist, however I don't think imitating somebody else ALL the time is necessarily what I should do to develop my own style. Maybe sometimes I will pretend that I am Janie (myself), the professional dancer, rather than that ballet teacher or other dancer I admire. I also think it is valuable to still be a student sometimes. Obviously, I am still a student, and I still have a lot to learn and need to be more precise and academic about certain things in order to refine my technique. So I guess my conclusion is that pretending to be someone else is a good exercise every once in a while, and I think I can decide from now on when to dance like professional Janie (company class or variations, for example), and when I need to dance like student Janie (school class, technical corps work, etc).

I loved the article "Self Talk" and the suggestion to speak to myself as a friend or mentor. That makes so much sense, and I definitely can be very negative in my head. I will make an effort to be more sensitive to my own self-esteem.

Speaking of... thought you all might like to know I am very excited about the parts I am learning for our winter program. I am the only one in my level learning one role, although there is no guarantee I will actually perform it. Just learning it is enough though :) Sometimes just thinking about that makes me smile and helps get me through tough classes or rehearsals. It is definitely encouraging to see that all my hard work is perhaps being noticed!

Until next time,

--Janie, real ballet dancer with an anonymous name

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dear Janie -- LINK!!!

Well it did not go through again. I will include the path to this good article about how to mind your inner dialogue --

Go to
Click on Mentalperformances on navigation bar
Next in the right hand corner, click on articles of interest.
"Self Talk"

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

Dear Janie -- Review of 5 Day

Hello, Janie,

When you have a chance, review you last week and your experience. I was really happy to hear from others as well, because the startegy is not static. One can make adjustments, tweak to personalize any strategy.

Of ocurse if something else comes up ...

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist/Coach

PS -- READ THIS ARTICLE enitled, Self Talk at --

Dear Janie -- Words

Oh yes. The power of words.

One simple statement can really get you to think, to realize something old and new, and even to take action in some way.

This wakes us up out of our routine stupers especially if it is not nice and polite.

I am sorry she said that, or not.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist/Coach

PS -- The next post will be about the 5 day challenge of last week.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dear Sanna - Don't worry it's just ballet

The other day I was mildly horrified when my teacher told another dancer, "Don't worry. It's just ballet." It was kind of sarcastic, but also serious, I think. At first I was really upset by this comment, since "just ballet" happens to be my life at the moment. I mean I really do devote almost everything I do to ballet. But she has a point. I mean, obviously I wouldn't want to stop dancing tomorrow, but I also wouldn't want to stop watching tv or driving a car, but life would go on, if not as happily as before (to say the least). Anyway, the point is not to minimize the importance or respect I have for ballet, because I obviously place it pretty high on my list of things I love, but maybe the point is that ballet is not the end all, and if I mess up in class, it really isn't the end of the world. Yes, it can be upsetting, but I guess knowing that life can go on without ballet just puts a little less pressure on the whole thing. Or maybe I came to terms with the comment that set off this whole train of thought because it's a happy reminder that I do ballet mainly because it is fun, and I secondly really REALLY want to succeed as a ballerina. Just an interesting thing I guess...

--Janie, real ballet dancer with an anonymous name

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dear Sanna - Ouch

From my waist down I feel like my body is about to explode. Everything is throbbing and aching. I was completely unprepared for an incredibly hard class this evening, since our normal teacher didn't show. Not that I would normally slack off or anything, but this class we had instead was brutal, especially after morning class and an especially challenging rehearsal. I just want to ice and go to bed.

It was funny - today in class the teacher told us to pretend we were a certain principal in the company (she named someone). I wanted to be like "HEY I'M DOING THAT ALREADY!"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear Janie -- Day 4. It can be a small thing.

This is Day 4.

You may realize that your entry into this 5 Day CHallenge began on Monday with an
idea of 'becoming' or acting as if, you are someone (in dance) you admire. You are to dance and behave as if you are this dancer. The instructions are listed on last Sunday's blog.

Your posts this week indicate that you have added other simple and creative techniques in your training that have inspired you to dance better, to be freer to dance in the way that you want to and can dance.

So your experience tells you that one small movement can open many other doors.

Comments from others reveal a similar effect.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CCHT
Performance Specialist

P.S. The name 'Janie' was selected by this pre-professional
ballet dancer because of her admiration for Janie Taylor of NYCB.
We decided that she would be anonymous
because we all know that dance training is not always pretty. This is
her place to speak as frank and candidly as she
can. You might know her. She dances everyday. Ballet is her life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear Sanna - circle of smiles

It is so funny that you mentioned it, because today in class I actually practiced smiling. It was funny because at first I had to think of something funny, and then I realized that the fact that I was practicing smiling was enough to make me smile more, and the thought of other people wondering why I was smiling and perhaps knowing that I was practicing smiling made me smile anymore. So overall it was successful, because sometimes I feel like things that make you smile always seem to kind of work that way. We all know something good makes you smile, but it seems like smiling makes good things happen, as well. So maybe from now on if I'm having a bad day, I will smile and hopefully set off this circle of smiles :)

Dear Janie -- You are right on!

Good job!

Ballet can be tedious and boring. Yes, 'acting as if' or doing something as simple as smiling can give you the boost you need to move through it. It is energizing and lifts the mind body to higher plateaus becaue the mind is focused and the body responds.

TO ~A --You commented that you USED TO HAVE a vivid imagination. You may be worried or thinking too much. Try this exercise in a way that can work for you. Imagine the process out side of class. See if it works for you then. That may tell you something!!!

OR ... I am serious about this --- Just smile when you approach class, are in class. SMILE.

OR ... Just simply feel like you are dancing like someone else.

Keep it simple.

Janie you made some adjustments. That is the beauty of mental stratgies for performance. You take a technique and see what works for you. There is no rule really because we are all different. Your mind power will guide you to what feels right for you. Mental techniques frees your mind.

Many clients will tell me the same thing. It is all about tweaking and making it work for you. Sadly many perfromers never reach their potential because they do not know that they can empower themselves.

To inspire imagination -- Daydream. It is all right there for you.

Good job to hear from others. Let me and Janie know how you are doing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dear Sanna - day two

This pretending has led to some interesting things:

1) It makes sometimes slightly boring classes (or just monotonous, whatever - i'm not saying ballet is boring!) more exciting and fun, and gives me a little motivation and energy when I am really tired

2) I think this helps a lot with what most people consider the last step in a dancer's training - polishing your movements and having that maturity and essence of a professional.

3) Sometimes it is hard for me to stick with just one dancer. The ballet teacher I use as my main model usually comes to mind, but sometimes when I am given a step, I see a different dancer who I know does the step especially well. For example, today we did double pirouettes from fifth, and I just automatically pictured a dancer I know who does beautiful pirouettes from fifth. I know I am supposed to stick with the same person, but it seemed to help more to think of this other dancer for that specific step.

I'll let you know how the rest of the week goes!

Dear Janie - Day 2 of 5 day challenge

Stay with the belief that you are ( _________ ). Walk like her. Dance like her. Breathe like her. Build the experience in class and outside of class.

Core best --

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dear Janie -- Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the 5 day challenge. My best to you --

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dear Janie -- Do it!!!

You are on!

Hmmm-m-mm. Now what should I plan??? I have some ideas, yet I am wondering what those of you who are regular readers could use. .... Suggestions for consideration. Or else you are left to my whims!

Have a Great week!

Oh yes. this is really cool......................... all week long.

Core best,

P.S. Keep your mind and body dancing 'as if.'

Dear Sanna - a cliff hanger!

This sounds like fun! I actually chose a favorite ballet teacher from the past to imitate before, and I think it will be really interesting to see how becoming her for an entire week will affect my dancing. I'll start tomorrow officially, even though for the past few days I have really been trying to have that professional look/feel. I'll keep you updated!


Dear Janie -- You won't Believe

Let's begin on Monday. Beginning of the week. Fresh start. All 5 days right there and available to you. You will be in clas anyway, even if it is a rehearsal.

On Saturday because of all of your hard work, I am going to offer
something to all who have been following this Dance Mind conversation.
I am going to make a decision tonight about this offer.

You know this is no ordinary blog. You have a chance to learn some real
important stuff here. You want to improve your dancing. You have to
practice in class (pay attention.) and work your brain. Don't worry it

The big question is .....

Well. I just realized that I want to hear the results first from our five day
experience. Then I will explain and ask my question. You will not
believe it ... and then again maybe you will!

Core Best --

P.S. Start on Monday!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dear Janie -- Added some clarification


I added some clarifications and spelling corrections ;( in the post below. I want to make sure it is clear to everyone.
Practice it before you go to class. If you have questions -- ask.

Core Best -

PS -- Thanks for the posts!!! and comments!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Dear Janie, Become your Favorite Dancer

I am very happy that you felt the freedom to dance as you know you can by knowing you are a 'real' dancer. Now you are empowering yourself!

That is a powerful tool to use. Do it for 5 days straight. Here is how ....

Select someone that you really love as a dancer. You love her style. She moves beautifully. etc. Imagine her dancing.

As you dress for class, picture her dancing a piece of choreography that inspired you. (Your favorite ballet!)

Next 'see' your face on her 'body.' and watch her body dance with your face as she normally dances.

NEXT -- KEEP HER ENERGY and see your body and face in the energy of her movements. It is as if your body is within hers.
(This is a really cool technique). Dance a few variations ....

NEXT -- With a big deep breath, YOU step into yourself and 'her energy' and beconme the dancer. You are seeing through your eyes. (Not watching yourself). You are still moving within her energy or persona.

DO this for 5 days. It is easy to do. Only takes a few mins. and it will get stronger and stronger each day.

Of course blog in berween, but DO THIS FOR 5 DAYS. I will like to hear the results. Keep notes each day.

Become your favorite dancer --- and go to class!!!

Anyone else game?


P.S. I am very excited to hear results!!!

Dear Sanna (and everyone? Should I just title all posts from now on "Dear Sanna" to simplify?)

Today in class I pretended I was a real ballerina. Not that I'm not always an actual person who does ballet, but I pretended I was a prima and did everything how I thought a soloist or principal would. It was fun, and I think I danced better.

It was a long day, and I think I needed that little boost. I'm going to ice and rest now, so this will be a short post.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Janie --

I am going to use Dear Janie so everyone knows that I am addressing you. ALthough I am certain one can tell that I am Me and you are you, it may help if someone needs to look in the archives. We can be as clear as we can with the titles.

I was also happy to receive a few comments and private e-mails. I invite you all to comment and let hear from you. You might even have a question for Janie!

A dancer from Kentucky e-mailed me to talk about ways to de-stress --

On my web site is a free every other Thursday "InSight" note that goes out as a blast. It is short and to the pointe. You might want to sign up to receive it. It has quick suggestions for de-stressing that you can use anytime. One goes out tomorrow! OH DEAR ... I need to get busy!

For example there was Mind Wash from a few weeks ago. Great for clearing your mind of thoughts.

We will do that on this blog as well.

Later tomorrow -- I will post on how to isolate a move and improve it. EASY. EASY. EASY and very cool mind technology.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Janie -- Realizations

You have realized lots of golden nuggets in your last post.
You do have say in how you respond to corrections. You are realizing that how you accept the words, tone, guidance, etc., make the difference in whether you act on the correction or ignore it.

There is so much going on with ballet. So much has to come together to create the feel of the choregraphy.

Some performers struggle with the idea of "how do I let go?" so all the 'pieces' can come together in the best possible way.

Let's talk about a mental strategy that can help you with isolating corrections --
in the next post.

We can go back and forth with you trying this out and letting me know your results. Anyone out in our reading audience can participate as well.

Back soon --

Janie -- YES!

Yes! Take out the garabage!!! Sometimes it is the 'small' things, eh?

happy corrections, isolation, and resolutions

i noticed that the corrections i take negatively are much less effective. i find my mind wandering to irrelevant thoughts about the teacher, myself, and analyzing the correction instead of just fixing it. the other day a company member took me aside in class and told me she thought my jumps would work better if i really thought about using my knees, since everything else seemed to be correct. just the fact that she seemed to genuinely care about me (and even threw in a compliment) made me see her correcting as a lovely gift. i was eager to try out the correction and let her know how it worked out, as she requested.

this is just one example of how helpful this blog has already been

i don't exactly feel comfortable telling the teacher i am working on a specific correction, since i'm not sure the teacher will a) care (as in he or she will give me the same corrections either way) or b) remember that one of the many students in class would like to focus only on her por de bras today. i do think i will try it privately, though. it would be impossible to completely isolate one thing anyway, so i don't think a teacher unaware of my intent correcting me on something else would be a bad thing.

yes i resolved to really try to do 90% of the things that little voice nags that i should do. from icing my injuries to taking out the garbage right now, maybe everything will be slightly more under control if i do this...

Monday, October 8, 2007

Janie -- OOPS!

I forgot to mention that you are listening to the small nudges and realizing that there can be benefit in tuning in to what can help you. Funny how the mind/body does that?

Janie -- The List of Corrections

Dragging a list of corrections to class can be exhausting. You are starting off in a negative mind set, with quite a load.

Try this -- Focus on one aspect at a time. Make a decision that today You will be more attentive to arm positioning. If you can, quickly ask your teacher to pay attention to arms today and any suggestions would be helpful. (That may not always be appropriate, but it can show that you are motivated.) Of course all other corrections will come forward as well. Focus helps.

Begin each class with a sense of renewal. There is always something to tweak, adjust, improve, or change. It is the nature of ballet.

CONSIDER THIS -- Think back to 8 years ago. Have you improved? How about 3 yrs ago? 6 months?

Remember this -- your teacher may correct something, yet there are other things that have gone unnoticed, not corrected, and are very good. It is easy to lose site of what you do well.

Janie -- Correct about Corrections

You can see how much 'mind' plays a role in how you accept corrections, your ability to make the corrections and how you walk away from the correction.

I am very proud of your awareness, Janie.


Realize how this has become a cycle of 'relating' to corrections. Notice how this cycle FEELS ... and get back to me.

What happens? What happens to the correction? How do you feel?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

corrections and having fun


I always think about how I should write down my corrections, and I often do, but this talk of corrections on the blog has inspired me to write more. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I see how my mindset makes corrections (in general) a lose-lose situation. The corrections either make me mad because I thought I was doing the offending step/quirk/whatever correctly already, or because I was concentrating on everything else and now I have one more thing to add to the list. And even worse, a complete lack of corrections or attention makes me resent the teacher for not noticing me, since I know I can't possibly be perfect.

BUT... a teacher cannot possibly point out EVERY imperfection of mine EVERY time, nor can she or he ignore things that should be consulted, just because I am thinking about them a lot. I'm sure the teachers don't analyze the psychological effects of their corrections anyway. They just do what they can. So I'm going to start reminding myself in class that if I get corrections, great. At least I know what the teacher wants and I can work my way up to incorporating all my corrections. And if not, I have time to work independently on everything I already know I need to work on.

having fun:

I love DANCING in rehearsal. Crazy, right? Dancing, while rehearsing a ballet. It's kind of rare, though, especially at this awkward stage between student and professional. So days when we understudies get to actually jump in there are very exciting for me. Even though I might be a little more tired by the end of the day, I feel like I finally have a chance to show that I am picking up the choreography even when it looks like I'm just wasting space in the back of the room; and it's fun to be able to move. My injuries even feel better when I get nice and warmed up, and I feel motivated to try extra hard in class or wear pointe shoes for barre. I love these reminders of why I am putting such an absurd amount of time and effort into this career that appears to give little back to those who don't know better.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Janie -

Yes. Tired. I wonder what 'ballet' tired really feels like.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

oh my goodness i am exhausted. the good news is, the reason i over-did it was because ballet was so much fun today. there's also lots of other stuff going on this week and lots of people to spend time with, but i'll be back with a good, juicy post in the near future. until then...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Janie -- Corrections

So -- Corrections! @#$@#%$@ them. Love them and curse them.

focus a few posts on this very important guidance. Really focus in on
this one aspect and you can make some headway in your practice.

are needed. Corrections offer instruction. Corrections are wanted.
Corrections feed the emotional need to be attended to, to be seen.
Corrections are upsetting. Corrections can create stress. Corrections
are heard. Corrections can improve or impede performance.

The first thing to note is that your teachers offer guidance and
for your improvement. You know that. You may have noticed that each
have their own way of 'correcting.' Some more harsh than others. Some
are more
affirming. Some are very empowering. Some 'guide' in a very confusing way. This is true even in school with how different teachers teach.

Give some thought to - What style of correction motivates and inspires you? What kind creates a block.

in mind this is NOT about your teachers. Although let's be honest some
teachers can use a little instruction on how to be more clear in their
"correction.' You might hear 'feet, Janie, feet' and have no clue what
your feet are doing or what they need to do.

I will explain further.

For now -- Consider what you respond to (this can be inportant info. for you).

Review snippets of memory of various corrections from different teachers.
REMEMBER NO NAMES Please! This is for your observation, you will see.

Note your varying responses.

Visualize perfection

I do visualizations for a performance. At night before I went to sleep and often before going on stage I would visualize myself dancing the piece flawlessly, and it really helped me focus and feel more comfortable on stage. I don't know why I didn't think to use this same idea in class, but I guess it's like any other correction; even though I know how to fix something, sometimes I need to hear the correction again as a reminder to actually do what I need to do to fix it.

Your last post nailed exactly how I feel about corrections, too. I am upset if a teacher is neglecting me, and I'm upset if I get the same corrections over and over, or even if I get new corrections without immediately being able to fix them. Sometimes I swear all I am thinking about is fixing a common correction before the teacher gets to me, and as I am literally coaching myself about a specific correction in my head, the teacher corrects me on that one thing. OR I am too busy thinking about everything else on my body and I momentarily forget about one tiny detail and the teacher catches me. This is almost just as annoying - I just wanna scream "give me a break! I was thinking about my arms and I forgot to point my feet for a second!" But why should I be mad? The teacher is only trying to help...