Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Accept or not ...

Are you a member of the status quo? The back row or the 'forever core.'

What is keeping you there? Look yourself square in the eye and ask yourself.

Your 'secret' is seen in your attitude that is reflected in your performance. (None of us can hide) If someone gives you negative feedback, do you even try to dance with an attitude against the feedback? I hope not. Take what you need from what you heard, dump it and GO DO IT. Sometimes other people see what we do not see or even know.

Of course if the correction is way off base for 'some reason.' For example, when Mr. F. told me in High School that I would never amount to anything. "Mr. F, your guidance was not so accurate." (I 'm sorry you did not take the time to know me and what was really going on). Straight A's in Grad school, writer, speaker, healer ...

If you want to stand above the status quo, you know what you need to do, just like I did.

Courage to stand apart, even taller.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

While Janie's Away ...

While Janie's away --

Here is my latest interview in Dancer Magazine. The focus is auditioning, perspective and suggestions.

I would love to hear your comments. What do you have to say?

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT
Performance Coach and Therapist

Thursday, July 16, 2009

If You Want it you can have it -

I have had many requests ffrom those of you interested in purchasing the Performance Package but cannot afford it. Well, being the chief-in-charge here, I make the decisions I want to make. This is for you ~

I am placing the Performance Package for sale on a donation basis for ONE DAY.
(It is a 60.00 Value)

Sunday -- July 19 ... from 12 midnight to 11:59 p.m.

Here is how it works:

Read about the Performance Package. There are testimonials and lots of info on the page.

ON JULY 19th, I will link to PAYPAL and you send your donation (What you can honestly afford.) and contact information. You must include 7.00 for shipping and packaging.

I want you to have this Performance Package. You will use this regularly because you will - Get stronger, more passionate and more focused. (I have several dancers who used them and used them for 3 years and purchased a second set. I encouraged ipod usage because they listen to them every day.)

Here is what is included:
  • 4 CD's
  • 48 page booklet,
  • A pot of Lavender Silk.
  • Tele-seminar, Performance Jitters for FREE.
You asked. I listened.
Here it is For You.
Tell Your Friends and they will love you even more!

If you have any questions - email me now.

Love to you all!

PS. Sunday, July 19th, 12 :00 - 12:00

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here is an article that speaks about the importance of sleep and performance. Although geared toward athletes, the way in which dancers work their bodies classifies them as "artistic athletes?"
Read and Get your ZZZ's. If you need help, Stepping to Sleep is a available and empowering.


Comment back here what you think?

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt
Performance Coach and Therapist

Saturday, July 11, 2009

counter on blog

Does anyone know how to reset the counter on the profile page? It has been stuck on 670 for months! let  me know techno wizards!


Friday, July 10, 2009

What Miranda said ...

Miranda is 19 yrs old and a ballet trainee. She purchased the Stepping to Sleep program mainly because she did not want to be tired for performances. When I talked with her (when she placed the order), she said all the rehearsals revved her up so much that she would be awake until 3 or 4 in the morning.

Since she purchased Stepping to Sleep, she is sleeping all night and feeling stronger for the actual performance. She was surprised that she has not 'heard' the program because she is always falls asleep. The imagery  has helped her to feel calm and strengthened from the inside. She said she has noticed a boost in creativity as well. (She doesn't know how that happened. Guided programs do that - That's my job! :) )

She purchased the program in March, 2009. She listens to it about 5 nights a week. It has become a part of her training program.

I am happy that Miranda gets it - Sleep and performance can be improved in the simplest of ways.


PS - It is still on sale for 19.00. (reg.35.00) It is a good night with Stepping to Sleep.

Monday, July 6, 2009

DanceMind: Dear Janie, Tomorrow DOES Come!

As the year winds down it is bittersweet. Yet is time for you to rest and strengthen for the upcoming season.  

There are several things you can do that may not SEEM like you are training. I do hope that with all we have talked about here on DanceMind you realize that training for something as rigorous as dance extends beyond the studio.

Here's how --  Get Mental This Summer!

Back at you!
Performance Coach

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear Sanna - July already!

Wow the time is really flying by. I was pleasantly surprised by all the work there is to be done now. I mentioned the new ballet we are working on in an earlier post. I was really excited to be doing the piece at all, and now learning the choreography I am loving it more and more! Also, we learned the demi-soloist parts as a group, which is really fun, and I was paired up with my favorite partner, who is very likely to dance the role. I don't like to get ahead of myself or expect things, but I think that means I have a possibility of doing the demi-soloist too! That thought is really exciting... but I won't let myself indulge too much in such uncertainties. Anyway it's really fun for now to rehearse, and whatever happens next year will be fine.

And we are still performing this season's pieces, as well, so really there is a lot to work on. Even so, a lot of dancers in the company go home almost every day after only half a day of work. The rest of us stay for the choreography workshop. It is really interesting, especially in the piece I am dancing, because the choreography really makes movements based on her own style. It is sometimes very difficult to imitate her way of moving, but I think it is good experience to figure out how to communicate what I am thinking and feeling and try to understand from the choreographer exactly what she wants.

Anyway it's all a lot of fun, and before I know it I'll be off on my summer travels! I am excited, but also not that eager to leave. I like where I am now! It's a really nice feeling to be equally happy at work, where I live, as on vacation and in my home town. It will be really interesting to see how things have changed and stayed the same in the states.