Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Sanna - tomorrow comes....

..and the next day and the next day and the next day! I can't believe how quickly this year is winding down. There is suddenly so much to do in so little time - but it's all fun stuff, so I'm more than happy to be busy. I am noticing more and more lately how powerful my mind is in affecting my mood, dancing, and overall happiness. I am really in control of things. When I begin to worry about wrapping things up here, or how I will handle the inevitable getting out of shape (at least a little, which I think is healthy) over the holidays, I keep trying to mentally prepare. I know this can make the difference between a painful struggle and a methodical way of getting back in shape when the new season starts.

Promise to post more later but now I have to go dance!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

DanceMind : Language, Janie

As stated by Janie ...

Hopefully in 6 months or a year I will appear less stiff when I dance, since I am always working on it and trying to improve as a dancer. I imagine I will not be completely rid of this flaw in my technique, but at least it will be better than it is now."

I bolded the words that are influencing your performance. Notice the words that PUSH success into the future, or are uncertain, or speak of certain permanency.

Again, I ask, "How much will you truly be able to shift?" Not much.

Do you understand that you will continue to move forward JUST AS YOU HAVE IN THE PAST come to this day making minimal strides. Tomorrow comes.

Back to you ...

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT

PS - Need more sleep? Go here ...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear Sanna - stiffness in the future

Hopefully in 6 months or a year I will appear less stiff when I dance, since I am always working on it and trying to improve as a dancer. I imagine I will not be completely rid of this flaw in my technique, but at least it will be better than it is now.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stiff Arm Language


Now here is the next very important question... Read very carefully.

Now since this stiff arm problem has been going on for years (and you have achieved profressional status.) and you have a inner dialogue that supports the stiff arm problem. (read previous posts)

What would it be like for you in 6 months or a year WITH THIS STIFF ARM experience.
One Year? Will it be the same or change?

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT

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Dear Sanna - Stiff (everything! not just arms)

Yes that is correct. Definitely a miscommunication there. At least understanding this is a little helpful, but it's hard to deliberately not do what I think they are saying. I have been talking about this problem for years now. I think maybe it is a general characteristic of my dancing that I have always had.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stiff Arm Language


How long has this been a problem? Also, how long have you been referencing 'stiff arms' in the way you mentioned below.


DanceMind:Janie - Stiff Arm Problem

Let's work through "Stiff arms."

Here is what probaly happens. The stiff arms become stiffer or way too relaxed because your attention is on them trying to make them big and fluid. You might even lose another part of your movement when the focus is on 'arms.' You become fragmented?

What YOU FEEL (and believe) you are doing and what THEY OBSERVE is obviously different.

So something is off a bit.

Part of the annoyance could be frustration with yourself because you are doing the best you can and think you have made a change and TO THEM they do not SEE a change.

Is this correct?

Language (better late than never I hope!)

My problem: I look very stiff when I dance.

Even when I try to bend and make my motions big and fluid, I am constantly told to do more. Teachers often tell me to relax or bend more, but if I do what I think they are saying, it doesn't help. Often times I need to hold myself more to appear relaxed or just bend differently, not necessarily more. I get really annoyed sometimes when I hear these corrections and I can feel myself closing to the corrections. Instead of using the criticism to become a better dancer, I feel resentful and hopeless.

In other news....

As the end of the season is in sight, a few dancers have announced they will not be returning next season, including one of our main principle dancers. In the past few weeks, the ballet masters have been telling people to really learn the places that will be empty next season, and I was specifically told to learn the principle's space in the ballet choreographed by the guest earlier this year (the one I was not cast in even as an understudy but learned anyway). She already had an understudy, but she did not learn the part very well or even go to half the rehearsals I was in, so as of now I will go in next season! It just goes to show how much can change - from not even being cast as an understudy to performing on of the main parts. I am really excited for this opportunity.

Also, someone is now learning my part in another ballet, which I think means I might be promoted to a better part in the same ballet, since the same dancer will leave a hole there next year as well. Even if they end up getting a new principle who will do these parts, it is still nice to know that they would consider me, and it's a good learning experience. There is also a choreography workshop with dancers from the company, and I am in one of the dancer's pieces, which is both challenging and fun. AND we just started learning another ballet I really love for next season. Things are really going well! I am so glad it's not the boring end to the season I anticipated.


Monday, June 8, 2009


I met my deadline with Dancer Magazine for an article or the August issue. It focuses on aerial arts and the 'dare devil' phenomenon that surrounds it. Fascinating experience for me as I interviewed Amy Ell of Gyrontonics Houston and Serenity Smith Forchion of Nimble Arts, LLC. How inspiring they were to speak with. I will update you when the article is available on line.

I have written 2 other articles for them --


Language exercise ...  

NOW notice that what you say mirrors the experience you have.

For example, You want to improve your turns.

You tell people, "I can't turn. I really struggle. I can't even get around twice. My feet wont turn. I fall out in the most embarrassing times."

Notice how that IS your experience and HAS BEEN.

Do you believe the future will be much different?

Let's rewrite the script ... " Every day I practice my turns. I work hard at them. I practice after class and when I can. I visualize myself turning. I am improving. I feel good about learning. My teacher helps me.  I love to watch how other dancers master their turns...."

See the difference. It feeds what you want to accomplish and you move towards greater efficiency.


Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT

Stepping to Sleep is on sale for 19.00! This is the lowest price since its release, even when Dance Magazine recommended it. "I feel stronger because I am sleeping. I did not realize I was 'not rested.' This program is on my bedside table."  Lori Bates, Las Vegas.

Sleep improves performance. That is a fact.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Worth mentioning is how we address what occurs in our lives. Listen to how you speak of events...

Pick a problem you have had for a while, maybe a performance issue.

Write it down in a simple sentence.

Next write a few paragraphs about how you think of this problem. You may have inner dialogue, or say (speak) about it to family, friend and peers in a certain way.

This is a private exercise so be honest with yourself.

I will return in the next day or so and continue this exercise. I want you to do this now.

Janie, if you can post your response.

Thank you! Welcome to the new followers and I thank you all for your questions and comments. I appreciate it very much.

I am marking my performance CD' s down this week. It will be a nice sale for summer intensives! Stepping to Sleep is especially a good program to have as it strengthens, heals and prepares you for the rigors of intensive dance practice. Going away from home for long weeks in the summer can be difficult.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT

Taking Care of Yourself Pays Off

I am happy to hear that you FINALLY went to the chiropractor, and took action to check out your injury. Look at the results! Turns have improved! You are happier!

Crooked spine image: The body/mind creates and uses the language of imagery to communicate to you. When you feel creepy, you might feel tingly. When you have a head ache, you say, "My head is pounding." What your mind communicated was most likely exaggerated. Yet, there was a muscular pull in a direction that was unnatural. Your mind said, "I feel crooked."

Pay attention to that. It demands attention. Otherwise Janie, you could get another stronger message from your body. These cues speak. You experienced the results of paying attention. Taking action makes the difference.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT