Friday, February 26, 2010

While Janie Travels ...

Wow, she is on one long tour here in the Western Hemisphere! I have not heard from her. I know she is on a bus, had breakdowns (the bus) and have been all over No America. She will have good stories when she returns and her usual style of sharing insight.

I thought I would share a client story with you. This dancer gave me permission to use her story as a way of showing how healing can occur 'energetically.' I will not mention her real name.

"Caitlin called for an appointment because no one was taking her dance seriously. She felt weak and scared while on stage, in class. Did not want to perform in an upcoming recital. She felt like her family did not really care if she danced or not. Their support was not very enthusiastic. No one ever asked her "How's dance?" When they attend recitals it is 'ho'hum."

Caitlin is 18, in HS and has been dancing for many years. She wants to pursue a professional career, is told she has talent, but needs to be more energetic and expressive.

We talked.

We shifted the focus toward discussing her family. Parents were still married. Mother was a dance major in college and never pursued a career. Went straight to marriage and family. Her Mother's sister was an apprentice to a popular photographer in the USA and never followed through after the apprentice. She was offered a job, yet withdrew and takes pictures at family events. Another Aunt is a painter, seriously depressed and has been suicidal.

What do you see here in this family system? Creative women who for some reason could not, or were not allowed to express themselves. (reason? Not sure)

Catlin always knew this, yet never tied it to her struggles. If she were to stand in her power she breaks the lineage, the flow. Women in this family stick together. They DO NOT express themselves. Is Caitlin does she risks not belonging and maintaining her sadness and fears,


Caitlin lined up the women in front of her (I have footprints) and stood in front of each one. She said, "I dance. I choose to honor that you could not express yourself for whatever reason. I love you very much and I want you to wish me well in my dance. I dance and express myself for all of you." She moved from each women and said something similar to that.

We did a few other things for empowerment. Eliminated her fears and rebuild an experience to take to the stage,

She called two weeks later and said she wow'ed everyone. It was the first time she took herself seriously (BECAUSE she was following a tradition). She danced in all her glory. Free. Alive. Fun.

I believe that many performers do not reach their potential due to unconscious systems like the one above. The good news is that they are easy to shift. When you do, whew, the earth can move.

You might have already noticed how you take you life to the stage!
Thank you for being a fan of DANCE MIND.


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