Friday, August 13, 2010

Janie, We Won A Top Blog AWARD!

Is this cool or what! I am excited that you and I are being recognized for our work. It has been nearly three years since we began blogging together. I have learned a lot and am very proud to be helpful. You and all of our readers deserve a round of applause!

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt

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Anonymous said...

Dear Janie and Sanna,

3 years, 3 cities, and 4 studios ago I heard of this blog through another girl on POINTE magazine message boards. I instantly became facinated and realated to Janie's stories and problems, and have kept up wiht this blog almost religiously since. Knowing that there was someone else who had gone and was going through the same problems and was succeeding was so insprational to me! Advice that was given on how to handle situations was filed away in my brain and I have been able to use it on several occasions since I've started following this blog.

As of last monday I am now an apprentice in the company of my dreams. I know there is much struggle that lies ahead still but I don't think it can be ahlf as bad as it would ahve been ahd I not learned so much from this blog.

Thank you so much for all your inspration and advice because I trul don't think I would ahve been sane enough to get to where I am without it!

I fully intend to continue to follow the blog! Thank you so much!