Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun exercise: PLAY

1. Pull down a movie screen in front of you .... Remember when you first discovered ballet. The slippers, tutu's, wands ... or the joy of the movement. You leaped and twirled. Reached for the sky.  Remember and watch the joy.

    Wrap your young self in a beautiful aura of passion and light.

2. Watching your young self dancing and dancing and dancing.

3. Next, step into the movie screen and dance with her. Allow the aura to surround both of you.

4. Dance with your young self.  NEXT, become her, switch into her little body... watching how         you have grown up! Dancing through her eyes.

5. See her. Feel her beautiful love. (or him). Dance.

6. Close your eyes and dance. Close a fist and feel those feelings of love. Breathe.

7. ANYTIME you want to feel that connection. Close your fist and breathe and remember!

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