Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yes, you are also a teacher.

Janie, what a moment for you. Growth, Inspiring commitment.

In our work (whatever path we chose) there will be difficult moments. In my office a few years ago, someone had a psychotic break down; At a restaurant, a chef burns his hand somehow; On the field a player misses a catch to lose the game.

Understand that these moments make you stronger and a teacher for others who may be placed in the same position one day. How you handle them makes a huge difference in the moment, how others view you and how you handle situations in the future.

Of course this situation was less then optimal. It is never be optimal all the time. Yet, we are all called to do the best we can with what we have at THAT moment.

You write here about the wide range of experiences that are a part of this ballet world -- What the audience never sees and will certainly never experience, unless they are close with a performer.

Yes, it can take its toll in the moment with a headache and shakiness as you described below ... That was because YOU, Janie, put forth so much effort and so much energy that you stressed the body over its capacity. You had a responsibiltity to do your best. You survived and recovered.

That is a professional. You, Janie.

Sanna Carapelotti, MS CHt
Hypnotherapy and EFT for Dancers

PS: If you are not sleeping like Janie, You would not have had the power to do what she had been called to do. Buy Sleep here.

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