Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear Sanna - Why I can't dance in the states

Okay so this is a negative post. But you asked and maybe it will help to let it out

1. It is impossible right now to get a job almost ANYWHERE, so I am lucky to even have a job at all. Companies are cutting back on their budgets and dancers, so there is more competition than ever with dancers fresh out of school and those being laid off from their current companies.

2. I do not live in the states right now, so it is very difficult to be in contact with companies and do auditions.

3. When I can come back to the states, it is not audition season and most companies aren't even working but on summer vacation, so there will be nobody to see me.

4. Audition season is over for this year, so positions are already filled.

5. When I did ask to take company classes at a few places during audition season when we were on tour, none of the companies would even let me take class, so why would they let me take class now?

6. I am studying now with non-American teachers, so my technique is changing and I will not fit in with American companies anymore.

So I feel kind of stuck. Not that I am dying to leave... right now.


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