Sunday, June 27, 2010

Janie, You can Dance.

I am responding to your last post - the negative one.

1. We cannot generalize. Yes, there are companies who have laid off dancers. There are also companies who have hired. Belive it or not, some companies work in the black, meaning they have a budget and stick to it.
Also, keep in mind, dancers, retired, stop dancing, are injured or are fired ...which also opens the door for placements.

I know of two companies who have hired this year and last year (when the economy was in worse shape.

Yes, there is competition. There is ALWAYS competition. You have to ask yourself, "What do I want?" Do I have the necessary techniques - mind and body, to be competitive. There are countless stories of those who make against all odds.

Janie, you are buying into resignation and a general malaise of the world population.

2. Yes, you live abroad. You would have to plan, plan, and plan. Use contacts. Talk with fellow dancers. There are also other companies in Europe, Asia and all.

3. Yes, That is one of the challenges of auditioning when you are gainfully employed. You sent a video to this company. Prepare something extravagant and noteworthy. Begin now and you will have one ready when you decide to look elsewhere.

4. Audition season is over. Positions can open during the year for the reasons, I mentioned above.

5. Taking class. Who do you know? Ask your friends who are dancers for an invitation.

6. So you now have an expanded repetoire. Sounds inviting. PLEASE DO NOT ISOLATE yourself with a belief like that, Janie. If you learned a new technique - you can be more desireable and also learn other techniques.

My daughter is now learning Vaganova method. It has been a transition for her, yet she is growing more confident and capable. DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT.

IF YOU PERCEIVE YOURSELF TO BE STUCK then you are stuck. Dance there until you are ready to move on. The dance world is not static and is forever evolving.

IMPORTANT: MAINTAIN YOUR CONTACTS. Write to your biggest fans. Say Hello to old teachers. Give them an update. Keep active with the world outside of your studio.

Love you, Janie and all others who dance.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS Cht

P.S. All comments welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Sanna, for that post!!! It was exactly what I would have said, but I didn't know where to begin...

Never liked negativity and it seems to be pervasive amongst directors in ballet.

I've seen dancers I never thought were that great get great jobs because they put themselves out there with an attitude that they were the best!!!

Go for it Janie - sounds like you deserve it!