Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dear Sanna - Back to the Basics

Just to follow up, the replacements show turned out even crazier than expected! Just one day after replacing the injured replacement principle (also one day before the show), another important dancer called in sick. I was again amazed to see that even when we thought we had dug as deep as we could, we somehow managed to rearrange once again for the sick dancer. Her replacement did two new major roles in addition to as many as her original roles as logistically possible on her birthday nonetheless!

...but now that's in the past and we have a slower breather of a week before more shows. Friday I didn't even have one rehearsal, so after class I was free to go! I decided to take advantage of the situation and did center en pointe. This was one of the extremely rare moments this year when I felt I could spare both toes and shoes at the same time to do class en pointe (I can literally count the times on one hand). It was definitely a humbling experience to say the least. Now I see how much I really need to work to be strong enough for a company in the states. It's not that I think I've gotten worse, but I have changed my focus and cannot do much as I used to, even if what I do is technically better. Make sense? Anyway after class a friend helped me work on pirouettes (which of course ended up with my arms and back) for about 20 minutes until I could finally do a double to the left en pointe. Very disappointing, although I am hoping it was just a bad day/bad shoes.

At least I know what I need to work on! There's my week's focus.


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