Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saying Goodbye!

Hello, Janie,

It will be difficult to say 'Goodbye.' Accept it. You will feel sad and upset. You may never see some of them again. This camaraderie is a gift that is shared by teams, dance corps and an group that comes together. It is bittersweet.

You take a part of them with you and you leave a part of you behind. These people changed your life and helped to shape your dancing. Honor them (as I mentioned in the most recent post).

Do something celebratory that 'leaves' you in the country. Bury something of yours in the dirt or scatter something in the wind.

This closes a chapter in your life and opens another. Breathe into the uncertainty. It is difficult to not know where you are headed, yet isn't that how we travel to new places? Start daydreaming of your perfect studio, company and place to live.

You will be happy to return to the USA, a more mature, wiser, young woman.

Please keep us posted on your journey through this transition.

Much Love, Sanna

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