Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dance is tough on mind and body. Dealing with negative critical people is one aspect of performance. Some people will NEVER like your performance style, your body shape, your hair color .... and on and on. The more you step into the spot light the bigger your imperfections become (look at some of todays stars, family members, friends, politicians, other human beings). Mostly because what we look at daily is an illusion created by a computer. 

Ever heard of a Troll. They are critics. They seek to demean and criticize AND GAIN PLEASURE FROM IT. 

A. critics will always be criticizing 
B. They rarely are creative other than with their words and comments
C. You must ignore them, otherwise YOUR INNER voice echoes them.'

Are you a troll of yourself?

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt

DanceMom. Therapist. Performance Coach.

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