Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Sanna - dancing alone

This is a very busy performance time for me. I have shows every day this week, sometimes more than one each day, but I love it. It's nice to get into the swing of things and perform the same show for a while, as opposed to our usual random shows of various programs. I was a bit nervous for the first show, but since I am understudying a major role, in reality I am not dancing THAT much, although I still have a nice part.

Anyway my partner for one section happens to be the one guy in the show who switches, since when he is not dancing with me he is doing the principle role, so I basically have half the amount of rehearsals with each partner. Unfortunately, this can be confusing, especially when the guy who danced the principle role the first show had to dance with me for the second show without ever getting a run-through. Something was bound to go wrong, and it did when I did a pirouette and realized my partner was not there to catch me. I landed okay and improvised a little pose while everyone around me went into a shoulder sit and continued with the rest of the dance. It was a little embarrassing, but I am not really upset about it, especially because I have a soft spot for the guy who left me. Oh and I forgot to mention in the same show, a different partner had me completely off my leg to the point I had to whisper to him left! left! in the middle of the stage. So embarrassing. A great show for me really. But amazingly instead of the typical hysterical reaction from the director, telling me I need to hold myself or just generally being mad about things going wrong, I actually was praised on my professional way of handling the situation, and my partners didn't get it too bad either. It was my lucky day, apart from the fact that my partners tipped me over and forgot about me.


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