Friday, December 4, 2009

Janie: Watch Me -

Janie and everyone who reads this,

Look in the mirror and love yourself.  You can't be perfect (unless you are photoshopped!) Do the best you can whether you are in the core, or lead, and anywhere in between. It doesn't matter where you stand. Put yourself out there as if you are performing through every show the last time for your life.  

Free your inner dancer ~   

Every performance is your opportunity to get better and better, to grow more certain and to do what you love.  Take that part of your to the stage.  The more you love yourself, the stronger you are through the highs and lows of performing. You keep dancing until you decide to stop. You know how hard you can work and what is demanded. Watch those ahead of you who are stars. Learn from them and how they work. Take "KNOW" for an answer.

Be excellent. As the curtain goes down, you can raise your arms high to say you did it. Someone is watching.

My besr to all of you through Nutcrackers and Winter performances.

I LOVE YOU ALL for making me smile, laugh and cry ...
Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt
Dance Mom, Performance Coach and Therapist

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