Monday, November 9, 2009

DanceMind- Dear Janie, New Experiences

Hello Janie, Your season is in full swing! Already there are many changes and challenges.

Partnering is a art, isn't it?  If you remember your previous partners, you discover that each one has a different way of connecting with you. There is nothing more beautiful or sensual then watching a couple so in sync on stage. It is magnetic, so powerful. They know they are connected and project it out into the audience. Everyone is 'moved.'

Last year I worked with a couple who were dancers together and also boyfr and girlfr. They were looking to improve their dancing together on stage as they seemed to always be paired together. They would fight and then attempt to smile through it. Doesn't work. The audience can see through that thin veil.

Here is what we did -- We talked about each ones viewpoint and perspective. What did they each believe about partnering.  SHELLY (false name) felt smothered and stiff in his company and wanted to feel safe and cared for so she can perform her role. She wanted to let go and trust him.

Henry (False name) believed he was to be strong and dominating (See what's happening here?).
And felt uncertain. He wanted to be that source for her to shine. 

So we processed it out and they then came up with a word/phrase that each wanted to project in their performance ... one separately and then a phrase that described how they would BE together.  Then they sat every day and visualized their performance together. They got to the point where they could sense each others visualization.

When they performed they rec'd a standing ovation it was so powerful. Now they really PARTNER together.

See if your partner would talk it out with you. I don't think this happens enough. Some men are naturally gifted at partnering and creating that freedom for women.

Janie, I am wondering if the stress you are feeling about  that piece you mentioned is actually stress. Could it be that you are challenged to keep your focus and attention strong?  You will respond differently if you reframe the tension.

What could it be for you?

How exciting to wear a pretty tutu? Be glamorous and beautiful!!!!
CONFIDENCE: If you rely on external events and comments for confidence then it does become reliant on who says what (even if it is negative).  YOU are in charge of this confidence.

Listen to track 6 on the Audition CD for several days. You will learn how to stack experiences. and then Audition Excellence to set the inner stage.  If you want confidence it comes with the repetition of believing you are. You are, sometimes, right? It is just a thought.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt
Dance Mom

Performance Coach

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