Monday, November 30, 2009

Performance Stress - All in a Day!

In talking with many dancers over the years, I repeatedly hear that the instructors who were/are firm and supportive are the instructors who are cherished and remembered as being instrumental in their success.  Learning to motivate students is an art form.  

If instructors could see themselves in action, perhaps they might consider other teaching strategies. (This is not about technique but how they teach.) 

We gravitate toward the familiar and what we know when we choose a mate and parent. Studio intimacy sets in motion those same dynamics. How they were taught and treated certainly influences and can develop teaching styles, unless they consciously decided otherwise. 

Does ballet training require harshness? What is your opinion as a student?

I have been told by many instructors how they wish they had learned what I teach their students when they were learning and dancing.  This speaks volumes of the need for mental skills training for dancers. You can dance better and stronger when you use specifically designed strategies to assist with learning, coping and readiness. They are fast and easy,

Do you know there are techniques for shielding oneself from harsh critical teachers? (It's in the Audition Audio Program.) It is not disrespectful in any way. It is an technique that enables you to hear what you are being told and separating out what is rightfully not yours - The anger!

Love to you all ~  
Performance Coach and Therapist

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Anonymous said...

I need help dealing with a couple of teachers who scream too much. What can I do? My dancing gets worse.