Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Sanna - Bad Medicine

There is a ballet we did all last year, which I frankly do not like at all. It's actually a classical ballet, so at least it's not some creepy modern thing or bad choreography by the director, but there's a lot of character acting involved, and it's just really not my thing. Especially because I barely do anything since it was casted when I was very new in the company.

This year I at least get to dance a nice part I wasn't in last year (in a pretty tutu!), which helps, but it's very short and kind of stressful. The part I really have my eye on, I actually am second cast, which is encouraging, but it's not at all clear if second cast will ever do it. We have actually been trying to rehearse ourselves (there are two girls in each cast) whenever we get the chance and ask other dancers for help, because the teachers aren't really that concerned with the part at all, let alone second cast. But if they would think about it, it's really smart to have two casts because we will take this ballet on tour where there are shows every day, and it will be extremely tiring for one cast. They have actually mentioned switching, they just aren't that active about it.

It's really interesting because my partner and I are very different dancers. Different bodies, different schooling, different thought process, and we have to dance together and look the same. And without proper rehearsal, this is even more difficult. We are working very hard together to get it right. My bad medicine is to really push and be flirty and aggressive, while my opposite has to concentrate on making nice lines. It's really interesting to see the different ways we work, and I think this will be a good learning experience for both of us as dancers.


P.S. Sorry about the language!

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