Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Sanna - Back! (for a bit)

I can't believe we won an award! Thanks to the readers for contributing to the success of this blog! Yay go us :)

Sorry for the long break, by the way. Not only did I just recently get back to work, I was also having internet issues up until now. It has been a very busy week so far, trying to get back into shape, remembering everything, taking in all the new. It is going to be an exciting year - I am thrilled to see many new dancers in the company, all eager to work. I think it will be a good boost for the work ethic and morale of the whole group.

Unfortunately, there is a slight hiccup in the beginning of my year. You might remember the trip I spoke of in July? Well it is coming up fast. On the first day back at work, we had rehearsal for a part we did all last year. I was the understudy for a main role, which I did perform a few times. That girl left the company, so I was cast in that role. Then I heard that the first performance is the day after I return. So I had to go to the ballet mistress and explain, asking if the director hadn't told her anything. So for the time being I am just doing a few of my corps spots in that ballet. I hope I will go back into the part when I return, but I don't know. Then I had to be replaced in the first new thing we are working on, because there is also a performance of that while I'm away.

It doesn't necessarily mean anything. It could be bad, and when I return I will continue doing nothing until there is a new ballet to cast. It could be great - I could continue to not do corps roles and end up performing mainly soloist parts. It could be a moot point and I will go back to my usual spots when I get back. Who knows? The director is of course not thrilled that I am leaving, but isn't being too too horrible towards me. I can just work hard and hope for the best.


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