Sunday, September 5, 2010

HypnoDIning Helps Performers with Stress Eating!

I have created a class to help with stress & emotional eating. If you have this struggle, you know how it feels AND it takes your energy and focus away from your performance. When the body is preparing from performance or audition, energy rises and there are sensations in the stomach are misread as anxiety and fear.

A common response it to reach for food or sugar drinks to silence it. For relief. This cretaes problems in the system and takes you away from your power.

What if you could discover a way to eat more mindfully? To care for your bodily needs with nonfood approaches to empowerment?

You can end this struggle with food and love eating again.

Email me for a FREE consultation.

Thank you --
You want to do your best ... Taking care of your dancing body is paramount.

Sanna Carapellotti

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