Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Sanna - Cool

So the way things have been going, it appears that I might actually go back into the soloist role I am missing out on while I'm away. But if not, I will definitely go back to do my normal part and I would be fine with that. I am also less nervous that there will be no parts for me when I come back. There seems to be a need for me, and I am just really not stressed out about it.

I rehearse everything in the back full out, and the other day when I was doing the variation the director even gave me corrections and said it was good. More than anything, I am just afraid in the two weeks I am gone I will get out of shape and it will be hard to get back into it, but I will pass that, too.

So basically I am just working really hard for myself and looking forward to my trip - next week already! Hopefully everything doesn't change while I'm gone, but once it's over I have a feeling people will quickly forget about it. I will remember this trip forever, though :)


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