Thursday, June 5, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- Changes

Hello there Janie,

I had to step away to prepare for several presentations on Sleep!   How did something so necessary and natural become a stress!  We have to, and can't ...  There are many aspects of sleep that are unknown and somethings we do know.  I continually read and study. Mainly because I noticed some years ago that when my clients are feeling better, they sleep and when they sleep better they feel better. Enough rambling...

You  must be busy packing up!  You talked about selling your car. Did you have any luck and do you have a plan B in it does not sell?

I can only imagine the 'good-byes.' There is a camaraderie among dancers that is strong in the end.  Sometimes silent there is a deep connection of understanding.  One client referred to it as a 'club you do not officially belong to, you just step into the studio and you are a member.'

As you spring board off into the professional world, I am looking forward to hearing  of your experiences.  Keep us posted with all that you are doing, even your travel, the stuff in between here and there, or there and there. 

Bless you!, Janie. This is the adventure of a life time.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CCHT
Performance Specialist

PS - If you are going to Summer Intensive (Duh!),  there is lots to get ready for after school/graduation parties.  How exciting it is to meet new friends, teachers and dance in different studios! You 'll be in a new city, involved in social events.  I always enjoyed hearing my daughters adventures. Always good clean fun and lots of laughs.

We have a few offerings for you so you can sleep better while you are away. 
Stepping to Sleep is now ON SALE.  Whether you sleep well or not, this programs actually helps you to improve the quality of your sleep. You will feel so good in the morning!

Dance Magazine recommended the program too! That is really cool. You know you are receiving a high quality product that works!  

Read what David says -  "It was so easy to fall asleep! I did not have to do anything. You just lie back and Sanna says all this cool dancer imagery and you drift off to sleep. I was very rested in the morning."

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