Saturday, June 28, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- Touching Base!

Isn't it so nourishing to be home!  What a nice link for you to touch in  with family and friends and then head to your paid dance position overseas!  Time will fly by. Take a few moments to spend the time ... You know how involved a dancers life can be ... so many long hours.  This is good 'soul food' for you to be able to spend this time with your family. I am sure they are thrilled and very proud of you as we all are here on this blog.

With most dancers away for summer intensive, it has been a little more quiet than usual.  I receive so many wonderful notes from dancers with questions or comments about you. It is very special. Thank you all... We love that you are here reading this blog.  Janie, what is amazing is that many of the comments indicate that they have grown with you. Cried with you and cheered you on to your next position.

Caitlyn, TX said this, "I hope Janie writes to us. I would miss her. I am being selfish because I am also learning  a lot here. Please always be Janie."

Jeri, CA wrote, "I was so worried about Janie. I actually cried one night when she was making the decision to leave or not."

This is so cool. I could not ask for more. This was my intention in designing this blog - A place for dancers to talk thru 'things.'  Dance is not just about dance. 

Sanna Carapellotti, MS

PS.  Attention : Sleepless Dancers! I got something for you ... Check it out!

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