Saturday, March 28, 2009

DanceMind & Notes From UpStage Left

DanceMind is being featured on this blog today! Cassandra Schaffer, a dance teacher and dancer, is the writer of this blog. She discusses anything dance in a way that is fun and quirky. She teaches and inspires through her musings. Ck it out -

ALSO, to help all of you with your upcoming performances and as another way to get the word out that dancers can use mental training to strengthen performance, even if you have no stage fright or issues. I dropped Stepping to Sleep audio $10.00! That is over 30% -- I am not going to compute it exactly.

SLEEP - Even if you sleep, are restless at night or toss and turn with worry, this program will will lull you to sleep AND strengthen your performance! Not only do you sleep better, but there are mind empowering suggestions that literally improve your dance presentation.

There are also muscle memory boosters in there BECAUSE THAT IS WHEN IT HAPPENS. Not at the studio where you are pounding it out. AT night is when muscle memory strengthens and if you are NOT sleeping you are losing out on an easy way to improve your dance.

Listen to it for one week and you'll be rested and dance better, I guarantee it! ... Hey Dance Magazine likes it!

Have fun reading Cassandra's blog!

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT
Performance Therapist

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