Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Sanna - these days

The other day I found myself the first one in the studio before rehearsal, so I was alone with the artistic director.
"Janie I was watched you in the performance yesterday."
Oh no. "Oh?"
"Yes. Nice legs. Good girl"
"And in the first piece, you did Rachel's part?"
"I couldn't tell if it was you or her. Good girl! Good energy"
"Oh good thank you!"

I was shocked. Actually something nice to say without one backhanded addition! It was such a nice change. But not to worry - I always find something to complain about...

Today when the schedule finally came, about 30 minutes before class, which is so typical, we found out we had a photo shoot in costume. I was so annoyed. They could've at least told us yesterday so we knew to wear a little makeup, do our hair nicely, and even not eat such a huge breakfast since the costumes happen to be extremely revealing unitards. Grrrrrr. So luckily some people had a little makeup we could all borrow while we frantically tried to get ready. I didn't even have proper underwear for the costume, so I had to wear tights underneath. Just so many annoying things that could have been so easily resolved if they had given us even 12 hours notice. Ahhh well but life goes on. Hopefully I got a few decent pictures...


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