Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Language (better late than never I hope!)

My problem: I look very stiff when I dance.

Even when I try to bend and make my motions big and fluid, I am constantly told to do more. Teachers often tell me to relax or bend more, but if I do what I think they are saying, it doesn't help. Often times I need to hold myself more to appear relaxed or just bend differently, not necessarily more. I get really annoyed sometimes when I hear these corrections and I can feel myself closing to the corrections. Instead of using the criticism to become a better dancer, I feel resentful and hopeless.

In other news....

As the end of the season is in sight, a few dancers have announced they will not be returning next season, including one of our main principle dancers. In the past few weeks, the ballet masters have been telling people to really learn the places that will be empty next season, and I was specifically told to learn the principle's space in the ballet choreographed by the guest earlier this year (the one I was not cast in even as an understudy but learned anyway). She already had an understudy, but she did not learn the part very well or even go to half the rehearsals I was in, so as of now I will go in next season! It just goes to show how much can change - from not even being cast as an understudy to performing on of the main parts. I am really excited for this opportunity.

Also, someone is now learning my part in another ballet, which I think means I might be promoted to a better part in the same ballet, since the same dancer will leave a hole there next year as well. Even if they end up getting a new principle who will do these parts, it is still nice to know that they would consider me, and it's a good learning experience. There is also a choreography workshop with dancers from the company, and I am in one of the dancer's pieces, which is both challenging and fun. AND we just started learning another ballet I really love for next season. Things are really going well! I am so glad it's not the boring end to the season I anticipated.


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