Monday, June 8, 2009


I met my deadline with Dancer Magazine for an article or the August issue. It focuses on aerial arts and the 'dare devil' phenomenon that surrounds it. Fascinating experience for me as I interviewed Amy Ell of Gyrontonics Houston and Serenity Smith Forchion of Nimble Arts, LLC. How inspiring they were to speak with. I will update you when the article is available on line.

I have written 2 other articles for them --


Language exercise ...  

NOW notice that what you say mirrors the experience you have.

For example, You want to improve your turns.

You tell people, "I can't turn. I really struggle. I can't even get around twice. My feet wont turn. I fall out in the most embarrassing times."

Notice how that IS your experience and HAS BEEN.

Do you believe the future will be much different?

Let's rewrite the script ... " Every day I practice my turns. I work hard at them. I practice after class and when I can. I visualize myself turning. I am improving. I feel good about learning. My teacher helps me.  I love to watch how other dancers master their turns...."

See the difference. It feeds what you want to accomplish and you move towards greater efficiency.


Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT

Stepping to Sleep is on sale for 19.00! This is the lowest price since its release, even when Dance Magazine recommended it. "I feel stronger because I am sleeping. I did not realize I was 'not rested.' This program is on my bedside table."  Lori Bates, Las Vegas.

Sleep improves performance. That is a fact.

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