Monday, August 31, 2009

DanceMind:Dear Janie, Shy, Confidence and Nerves ...

Hello Janie,  Your last post was very insightful. I am happy to read your thinking. You are more curious and interested in your expression of dance and recognizing that emotions do play an important role in how you perform.

Let's take the first paragraph - You said that last year "you felt nothing ..."  Do you know that is also an experience of fear and worry?  Feeling nothing is akin to being devoid of emotion and 'not inhabiting the body.' The energy has left the building. (LOL) It is understandable that being new to the company, your first professional position and moving to a foreign country would be 'unnerving.' You had a lot of adjustments to make. You courage was admirable and exciting to watch. Do this - Read through the posts from last year around this time? It is a good way to note how you 've changed. It is a good parameter.

Here is a suggestion :  Use the CD's to BREATHE into your body. Move in,so to speak. It is really important. IF YOU WANT TO EXPRESS yourself more, than you must inspire your body with the fullness of breath. THIS IS WHEN YOU RELAX, not before a performance.

YEs, the body responds in the same way as you rise toward a performance. Your mind associates thoughts and words can lead you down the path toward struggle. KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS routine at first --  "I am strong."  "I work hard."  "I am excited to perform this piece."  THINK what you want to experience. The brain accepts positive or negative. TAKE change of what you put into the brain. THEN you begin to associate positive energy with performance.

Let's say you have an amazing day. You were on!  WHat do you say?  Those words can be your inspiration. Ck it out.   

Love ya, kiddo and all you FANS OUT THERE!!!

P.S.  I do phone sessions for those of you who have been wondering. There are many aspects of performance that can be strengthened with guided experiences. You want to do you best and your mind determines whether you do. DO NOT leave it up to chance.  
I am interested in doing a tele-seminar in early OCT?  On performance issues. What do you think? Send me your questions or needs. and we can plan it.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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