Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear Sanna - An exciting year ahead

I am sitting in an internet cafe for another precious internet session! It's amazing how important the internet has become for me, especially abroad.

Well the night after my last post I was sick all night and could not even go in to the studio the next day, the first time I can remember since early high school, maybe even longer. The next day I felt better and tried to take class, but by grande battementes I had to go lie down. I hate to stay at home and miss things! So I stayed and watched a new girl step in to my (soloist!) part in one of the classical ballets we are doing this year. Then I marked the arms for my first rehearsal understudying the leading soloist in the same ballet (the second-biggest part in the ballet). Of course understudying DEFINITELY does not mean I will ever perform this role, but I am thrilled that I was even considered as the understudy. Then I finished the day being cast as demi-soloist in the ballet we started learning at the end of last year, which I was very excited about!

So besides being sick, it was a pretty great way to start the season. I am so glad the director sees me in these larger roles and will give me a chance, because even though a lot of good dancers did not return this season, the director could've chosen other dancers over me who are still in the corps at the moment.

I am also almost always dancing with my favorite partner! (Who makes me really really nervous by the way, but I sort of like that feeling and I like that we were paired up anyway.)

So that's all my time for now but I thought I would share my exciting news.

Until next internet cafe!


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