Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome Back Janie!

Hello Janie! I am happy you have returned and are enjoying a grand start for the new year!
We'll be patient while you get set up with internet.  Keep us posted.  

Have you considered transforming the fears toward your dance partner into excitement. Could it be that your body is revving up to dance with someone you admire and enjoy dancing with?  Change the mind behind the physiologic response.   " I love dancing with Bob."   " My body gets all jump and happy when I partner with Bob."  

The sensations in the body for fear can be misinterpreted by what you think. Take the current 'mind set' away and notice what happens.


PS - Just finished another article for Dancer Magazine on attitudes!

PPSS - I am thrilled that more dancers are realizing that their mind matters and audio programming helps.  Here is a new testimonial - "Mrs. C., I am a different dancer after three weeks of sleeping better.  I am amazed, stunned really. I would not have guessed that it would be that important. Everyone is commenting!" Julie Smythe, age 19.

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