Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Sanna - DRAMA!

So I get to do the part! I was very pleased indeed to find out, even if it was just 4 days before the show! Why can they never tell me ahead of time? It feels really good to be chosen for the part, rather than dancing by default.

Unfortunately, something bad happened 2 days before the show. We were showing a "new" (technically refreshed) piece to a newspaper, and there is a big dramatic pas de duex near the end. The girl went into a frightening fall backwards a little too quickly, and her partner scrambled to save her. Not before she hit her head, however and he toppled over her and started screaming in pain. Ice was brought and the ambulance called, and later we found out he dislocated his elbow, out for at least 3 weeks.

At the risk of sounding selfish, this is my partner for the show 2 days later! So after he was carted away in an ambulance, we had an emergency rehearsal to replace him. I am actually very comfortable with his replacement. It is just stressful to make changes so close to the show! We just had the rest of that day and the next to organize everything, and it's not fun dancing with a very nervous partner, either. I want him to be confident so I can feel confident!

Wish me merde...


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