Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hello Janie,

You have to be ready for anything, eh? I remember some years ago, I worked with a teen dancer who was very frustrated at not having opportunity because of two 'higher' up dancers "always getting the parts." I told her that she must be ready at all times.

A month latr 3 weeks before Nutcracker, there was a huge change. One quit and the other dropped out due to an injury. This moved her up the ranks. She was ready to step in and was invited to do so because she had changed her work ethic to "I want this." rather than
"How come they always get the parts?"

Every day is brimming with possibility. Your presence, attitude, presentation matters and you do not know the exact moment when you will be called upon to show.

New partner. You know, Janie, you can teach him about confidence. What if he was waiting for you to be more confident? You both may stand staring at each other!

YOU be confident. You know that happy, confident people increase the confidence of others. It's catchy. Give, what you want, rather than waiting!



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