Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Standing by Negativity

Hi Janie, You're right. It can be hard to keep at bay someone negativity, You can feel it energetically, hear their words and Look the how the body is expressing it through posture, facial expression and gesture.

So what do you do?

You cannot control them and you certainly are not their therapist. We HEAR what we choose to tune into to. Consider that there are a lot more words being spoken on the stage that you do not hear. It is our nature to tune in and out.

What we place our attention on and what we respond to, can be a calling for us. When something engages you, it becomes a mirror, a reflection of us.

You prepare and secure yourself. REMEMBER, you can influence others with your positivity and confidence.

Here 's how you do it:

Cultivate your mind with vivid visualizations of your upcoming performance.

Set your personal tone for your performance before you go to the theater.

Literally put up a wall. You can protect yourself by imaging a protecting device. One dancer whose partner griped and complained, dropped a mental curtain between them to keep her self out of his range. She also said to him gently. "Please stop speaking so harshly before we dance together," He toned it down a bit, yet speaking up gave her voice.

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to express yourself on stage because of someone else's issues. The audience wants to be entertained. You have a responsibility to be as authentic and pure as you can.

Sanna Carapellotti

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