Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Sanna - Busy Busy Busy!

I don't know where all the time has gone! I will give you a reader's digest update and hopefully details soon but I thought a quick post was better than nothing at all...

Kept working on the lead role from last post. Improved expression, especially during short shows without variation so I could focus just on really "dancing". Next full show this week (in the middle of a million other shows)! First run of variation today after a long time. Went well!

Premier of story ballet tomorrow. NOT READY! Well personally I am, but as a company nooo. Technically tomorrow is dress rehearsal but people from TV are coming and TAPING! AHHH! I saw people who totally do not know what they are doing today.

Very important principle dancer in hospital - went in for one of her parts last week. Went well! Very important show which we had to completely rearrange 2 days before but everyone worked together. She's getting better, but won't dance for at least a few weeks and we have a MILLION shows coming up.

More later!


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