Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Sanna - Thanks for the article!

I love that article you posted. Of course I have worked with you before on staying in shape for the holidays and food in general, but it's such a good reminder. I specifically remember situations where I am so excited and overwhelmed when there is too much food and I forget to breathe! The more there is, the more there will be later and it's not a race. I also love the idea of visualizing situations before they actually happen. I use this in all aspects of life, and I am always happy I thought ahead.

For example, I think I mentioned that every time a new boy comes to the company, he is somehow more annoying than the last. They are all the same! Don't know how to interact with other people, talk way too much but don't really say anything (except for some rude comments), freak out about nothing, and just generally annoy EVERYBODY. When I first joined the company I was too nice, and these annoying boys did not leave me ALONE! So this year I learned my lesson and kept my distance. But it was too much and I was starting to feel really sorry for this boy who I repeatedly see in cafes alone, which breaks my heart (not that I'm ready to go out for meals with him or anything... but I can at least be nicer).

So I decided to make an effort to be nicer. I realized that a lot of times I didn't even say hi to him or would act in a way I would find really rude if reciprocated. I pictured these situations and realized how I would normally react. So the next time I ran into him, I smiled and said hi. When he kicked me at barre, I asked if he was okay instead of ignoring his apology which is what I'm afraid I would've done (or worse!) if I hadn't thought about it. So hopefully, like the others did, this boy will grow up a little and by the end of the year will have some friends of his own, and find his place here. We all know it's not fun to be the new guy.

In the holiday spirit,


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