Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DanceMind: Dear Janie, What Occurred to Me ...

Is that I could take a trapeze lesson.

Aerial arts are an amazing opportunity to display strength, poise and beauty on the stage. I have an article to write for Dancer Magazine on the management of fear. I have learned a lot and will keep you posted.

It is all about the mind - what we do in our lives.  My daughter and I are planning a lesson together. With her strength she will swing longer and probably do some trick of sorts. For me I am happy that I can view it as an option., a possibility, a new adventure.

My mind has changed about aerial arts after two conversations with two very dynamic women.

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M. Butterfly said...

Aw, I love Amy Ell! She used to dance with Hope Stone Dance Company here in Houston; I've been in classes with her daughter (who is also a lovely dancer) at Hope Stone many times. Aerial arts are great!