Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Sanna - chiropractor magic... or mind power, or both!

It has been so busy! Since my back-kicking drama a lot has happened. We had a very important performance for an event, which was luckily very short, so I endured some minor pain for the sake of everyone's sanity and the show was fine. It was cool to perform at a fancy event in front of some famous people. And my back was good enough for our mini tour, even if my shoulder was sore after swimming and I still didn't feel good putting a lot of weight on it. But I could dance okay, and it was slowly improving on it's own, although I felt crooked even when the pain was nearly gone.

So the other day I FINALLY made an appointment to see a chiropractor. It felt a little silly, because it was so long ago and the pain was really minor by that point, but I was still a little scared that there was some internal damage or something, or at least that I was out of alignment. So the appointment was half for my back and half for my head. Anyway he cracked me like crazy and hooked me up to all these massage machines and said I had no real damage other than what he fixed by adjusting me.

Well I was very relieved, since the day after the kick I felt like they might be amputating my right shoulder. I also felt much looser and straighter, and the next day in class felt great. My turns were amazing! I don't know whether the physical adjustments really made that much of a difference or if the thoughts of a straight spine in my head helped me to dance that way, but it was great and I will try from now on to picture my spine this way.


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