Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- Changes

There is a lot to moving.  The packing, the closure, the anticipation, the unknown.... saying goodbye -- and Hello!

As for all you stuff to do ---
Think about how you function the best. This is when those skills come in very handy and are very necessary. 

Are you are list maker?  You may need to have several different lists for each day, the different areas of your life, who you need to say good bye to, get letters of recommendation from (DO THAT BEFORE YOU LKEAVE)... There is also the timing of the task. Somethings will have a time frame.  And are at the top of the list. 

There is nothing that feels better than a list with check marks or lines drawn through the tasks.  Maybe there is a friend there that can help you?  To run errands?
Yes, this is a part of stepping out into the world. Learning how to manage money, long distance calls, moving,  packing, selling...  As you begin to work, you are not an official student any longer.

Pace yourself. Focus on the that task at hand rather than looking at the BIG picture. Everything you do will move you toward completion, one step at a time. Stop and pause. Keep you mind on that task before you. Chunk down.  

This has been a good experience for you in many ways.  in a few months you will have moved through this and gained so much more maturity.

THINK BACK TO WHEN YOU had moved there. Look at how much you have grown.  Observe how many things you have learned to do that are routine and necessary that you did not know living at home. Sometimes it is the simplest littlest things you do not realize have a process.
I know you are smart. You will get the info you need. 

2 weeks -- is 14 x 24 + 336 hours. You can get the job done.  

How can I help you?

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CCHT
Performance Specialist

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