Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- Movin' On

Your last post has a certain confidence to it. Read it again.  Do you feel that?

This has been quite a year for you Janie.  I am happy that this blog has been so helpful to you.  You have helped me a lot to.  Some time ago I kept hearing You have to blog ... You have to blog ... I read a few and quite honestly I was not interested in detailing my day.  One day it occurred to me to establish a blog in this way ...  You are anonymous so you can speak your mind without the repercussion  many fear, and discover ways to manage emotions, handle conflict, speak up and when to stay quiet. 

We are all I such awe at the poise and beauty of ballet dancers. I, as a dance enthusiast, am spellbound. Yet Audiences and even respective peers do not know what can go on in the mind and heart of a dancer.  You work so hard, standing on that pointe. So much is expected, so much is endured. Too much remains silent and unspoken.

I spent some time rereading. You have grown so much since Sept. when we began our first exchanges.  You have been very open and honest and reflective.  There are moments when we really must pause and contemplate "what next?"  You have done that.  

I also know that you have helped many young dancers.  "M" wrote, "Janie is awesome. I wish she danced at my studio. But she might, 'cause I do not know who she is! Can you tell just me please?"

That was the cutest!

We'll talk more. When you have time tell us your tentative plans.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CCHT
Performance Specialist

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Anonymous said...

she has been very helpful!!! I love hearing what the both of you have to say and it's nice to hear our(the dancer's) side of the ballet being told!