Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dear Sanna - Everything happens for a reason

I have a meeting scheduled for Friday. Did I tell you I missed it while auditioning last week? All those in between the school and company had meetings, either confirming previous offers or getting new ones (or not), so this could be interesting. As I come across more snags in my international plans, it would be nice to have an offer here, just in case it doesn't work out.

I am constantly researching and bugging people to try to nail down some facts about what will be expected of me in order to become a citizen, etc. Many urge that I visit before I go, too, however this is such an expensive trip, not to mention I don't have much time to organize my life before I need to go in August. I would much rather just go in August and give it a year, so I can really experience it before I decide I hate it (I'm sure I won't, but that's what the skeptics say at least). I kind of just wanna go for it and see what happens, as long as they don't end up locking me in the country or sending me off to the army or something.

Everything happens for a reason, but it is very stressful trying to plan for whatever does happen.



Alannah said...

I don't know much about foreign countries policies and stuff but you should just be able to get a working visa for like a year and not apply for citizenship. Citizenship seems like alot of trouble just in case you do end up not likeing it and have to come back. does that make sense?

Michael said...

GO FOR IT, give it that year. The "skeptics" (this is pure opinion, take it or leave it) I find will always be nay sayers and dream stealers but ONLY if YOU let them.
I am currently at a school where there are a lot of foreign students, some less than 20yrs from poor countries, who came from half the globe away to study.

and BTW. you should give it a year to see how much you LOVE it, not give it a year to see if you hate it :).


Anonymous said...


If you can go, I say go for it! What an adventure for you to say you danced _______ ... where ever it is. Do you dance out of the box?

Michael is right. YOU COULD LOVE IT!