Saturday, August 2, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- Ah-HA!

"Anyway, I guess this good mood just really set me up for a good class ...!"

State of mind does indeed support having a good class. If you look outward and inside, there are many events, sensations or small things that can great a good mood, even if it is raining. 
Also doing fun stuff with friends, reading books you love -- all support you, Janie t have one good day.

I know you are traveling soon, although not beginning your dancing contract until later in the month when some companies begin their season.  What DO YOU REALIZE NOW about this move?  If you can think back to the previous six months or so and realize what you have mentally and emotionally traveled though!  This blog can jog your memory. 

You departing to enter a whole new world culture and dance experience. The details of that can be so powerfully enlightening to other dancers what have considered traveling overseas or have are just wanting to know ... what you are experiencing. It is gutsy, you have that strength.

You have grown quite a lot since we have begun here last September. So have our readers according to their comments to me personally.

My best to you Janie.

PS - SEND JANIE a good bye message. Tell her here!

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Anonymous said...

janie - we are soooooooo happy for you! Good luck always.