Sunday, August 24, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- New place for you!

You have garnered some wonderful support for yourself. Your roommate sounds promising and the company have been helpful to help with your adjustment.  So there you are...  

You accomplished what seemed like an impossibility months ago.   All the decisions, the packing, saying good bye, hoping for the best, planning, tears, all of this transition lifted you to this place, where you can step out and grow yourself as a professional dancer.  Wow!  

THINK ABOUT ALL YOU HAD TO DO TO GET THERE.  There is enormous growth opportunity when transition thrusts us out into a 'new world.'  You have changed positions, apartments, friends, cultures. This is true stepping out.

NEGATIVITY ... Yes,  ballet drama reigns.  It is nice to rant with a friend. I called that 'mountain top therapy.' Because you are yelling from the mountain top for relief, maybe just want to let it out loud and clear. Sometimes you want resolution, sometimes you do not.

The ballet company is very much like a family. You are together every day, work hard, sweat and celebrate.  

Seeing the negative only takes away from the positives too. All companies have there challenges. Some of those may be new, in a change period, the result of growth, or money issues,  and some may be old and tired problems that seem to hang around.

It is the same in the business world too.

When we complain we perpetuate the problem. We energetically add to it.  Do you want to be a part of the problem, or build a solution?  I know you are a new member have no control to what happens there, however, it can be a huge time for observation. Down the road you  may be in charge of a studio yourself.

Your negativity matches their 'negativity.'   WIthout getting to in depth about it. Be careful.. You know how relationships change thru time.  Your words may be front and center, and taken out of context.

Certainly you remember the Telephone Game,

Bye for now.  

Be well - 

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danceadvantage said...

I recently wrote about negativity in a post and I really enjoyed your comments. Negativity breeds negativity and I think many people forget that complaining is a type of negativity. I've found I always end up regretting complaining out loud to someone else even if it does get it off my chest. It's probably better to write it down in a journal or something so that it doesn't infect anyone else or backfire.