Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dear Sanna - a whirlwind

Well we went on the tour I mentioned, and just as we predicted, it was great. Almost everyone spoke English and we learned a lot about the city and it's culture. It was nice not to have to get anything done for a day.

Then it was back to work the next day. We walked a lot in the morning, and then I went to take an open class at the studio. A nice man who manages the maintenance of the ballet told me he thought it would be in my best interest to take as many classes as possible before the season officially starts, to show how dedicated I am. This is good, because in order to get in shape I really should be taking at least one class a day, but my mom does not understand as much and sometimes I feel bad cutting into the middle of every day for class. At least now she knows it's almost mandatory, but I still feel really bad about spoiling her trip. For example, there is just one place she really wants to see, and she hates traveling alone, but it is necessary to have a guide, and this would absolutely mean missing a day of ballet. Since the season hasn't even started yet, this should not be a problem, but I still need to ask permission, and it is just sticky. Of course I will ask, and I can't imagine they will say no, but I just hate to already be using up my favors here.

Anyway, my biggest fear of coming here came true. The floors are slippery. As slippery as can be. But it's actually somehow not that bad. Maybe everything else that is stressing me out just outweighs the slippery floors, but I am somehow dealing. There are only a handful of company members in class, since this is their only break longer than a week I believe, but they are all really nice and their dancing isn't too intimidating! In other words, I feel comfortable taking class, not like I don't belong there. And the classes are HARD! I sweat SO much every class and am very sore every day, so I know this will be good for me.


P.S. Thank you all for your wonderfully encouraging messages! Honestly it is great to know I have support, even from anonymous readers. It's just like an encouraging audience. You rarely know the names of the people filling the seats of the theater, but their applause feels great no matter what.

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