Friday, August 8, 2008

Dear Sanna - empty promises

By empty promises, I am not really talking about concerns dealing with my apartment or dancing, just really how hard it is to get anything done. For example my mother and I have been desperately trying to get my address for the past two days, and everyone said, sure we'll write that down for you, but it just never happened. Finally my mom grabbed somebody today and would not leave her alone until she had our address with zip code written, in english, for us. And that alone was a feat. We also need to get a few other things done, and it is hard to get answers about how to go about it, but also we are assured they will help us and they know the way, so we don't exactly want to just do things for ourselves, the hard and expensive way (like getting a cell phone).

On a lighter note, we have discovered that one day getting anything at all accomplished will just be virtually impossible, so we signed up for a guided tour, which we both think will be very refreshing. We meet the group just a 15-minute walk from my apartment, and the rest will be taken care of! It will be so nice for one day not to have to navigate with a huge map in front of our noses and try to communicate with people who do not understand or vice-versa. We are very excited for this.

We also explored just one aspect of the town today that is absolutely wonderful. Also about 15-minutes from my house is a wonderful place where I hope to spend a lot of time. In the opposite direction about 15 minutes, I also found my own little times square :) Of course, it is lacking some things that you may find in ny, but it also has other things that are incredible and unique to the area.

In a happier mood,


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Madeline said...

Have a great time with your new job! You'll be great. I hope you get to know how things work over there so that you can get things done without all of the confusion :).

P.S. You're reading the same book as I am (or were)! That's so awesome!