Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dear Sanna - coming together

My roommate is WONDERFUL. We will have great fun together, and we are really making progress in this apartment. It was pretty gross when first introduced to us, but together with the company we have fixed it up quite a bit and there are only a few more important things on our list before it is really cozy and nice.

Of course I already have tons of things that bug me about the company, but that is to be expected. I think we will be ranting and raving about all our little annoyances, but it the end I know it will all be worth the great experience. I know I will have tons of fun, despite the worst that could happen. If nothing else, I'll have those valuable few words on my resume that say I have danced in a professional company, which I believe is golden in an audition.

Besides that, I have found out for sure that we will be touring in a very exciting part of the world I have never visited, let alone 99 percent of all the people I know. It should be a really amazing time, and I'm so glad I have such a great friend already to share it with. There are a lot of others in the company I think I will really get along with, too, and they have even eagerly offered to help me learn the language. Five words a day, we've decided!

But yes, I really have set up a life for myself here, and I will make the most of it for the next year at least, I suppose. I'm sure ahead will be a great wave of great and terrible posts, so be ready for drama! Impossible to escape in the ballet world...


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