Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dear Sanna - just smile and nod

You're completely right. It's not worth whining about all my problems at the risk of hurting someone's feelings or making the wrong people mad. It was nice to blow off a little steam the other night, but I really should just focus on the positives. There really are so many - I'm living my dream for heaven's sake! I can even rant here on the blog anonymously without spreading the negative energy to my coworkers.

It's so true that hearing someone complain only makes you think even more about all your own problems. I've been trying lately to physically slap a smile on my face and just take it. It's not that bad. When the artistic director is making absolutely no sense, or is on my case about silly things I know don't matter, I just put on my best "I'm a good sport and I'm happy to take your corrections" smile and practice what I'm told.

A yoga teacher once told us while we were meditating at the end of class to try to smile - on the inside and out - and it really stuck with me for some reason. Physically trying to smile really can change your mood. How can you be angry with a smile on your face? You either end up laughing at yourself for thinking bad things while you smile like an idiot, or you actually smile. It works like magic for me. Just turn up the ends of your mouth, and there's instantly a reason to smile. I actually practice smiling when I feel like I have nothing to smile about. It always works to brighten your mood. The sillier you feel, the better! And who could really hate a dancer, or anyone for that matter, with a nice, pleasant smile on their face? (unless it was disgustingly cheesy or fake of course, but that's not what we're going for here)


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