Monday, January 19, 2009

Dance Mind - WHY SLEEP?

Thanks for the question below, Anonymous.

Yes, you can improve your performance all around with your eyes closed.  Sleep is a necessary component of a solid performance. If you aren't sleeping well or wake up not rested, or even if you are sleeping Ok, you can still improve. 

The most important question - Why would a CD help me?   When you listen , at bedtime, your brain is retrained to get the best most possible. Remember your body needs and knows how to sleep. It is what we DO and think that set the stage for sleeplessness.

AT night the body AND mind are regenerating and restoring. It is set up that way. There are many chemical reactions, and shifts that occur in the body.  I don't want to bust the most important reason why sleep is important, but there is one main reason that assists performers especially.

Here are ways better sleep helps ... reaction time, better moods, lubricated joints, better able to pay attention, can move faster, remember more, eat less junk food,  heal wounds and muscle tears ... When your body and mind are rested you can do more.

SO imagine how those benefits can improve your class, rehearsals and stage presence.

Most teens and college students are very sleep deprived. When you miss sleep, the body struggles and not always immediately.

I set this program, Stepping to Sleep up to be easy because I want dancers to realize self care and how to take a holisitic approach to their training. This is ONE NATURAL WAY to get a good night sleep.
It is important. You will dance the difference literally.  Your teachers will notice.

Performance Therapist and Coach

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