Friday, January 30, 2009

DanceMind: Janie Travels -

While Janie is traveling ... We can look at a few things ...

1.  In the studio there is order. Everyone there has a place, a role and a purpose.  (same as family BTW).  

2. You cannot control the personalities of your teachers with negativity, hostility, gossip or even self-sabotage. They are who they are whole and complete. However, how they act towards you, as a student or professional, does indeed have a consequence. If they are snotty and demeaning, they lose respect, possibly their jobs, the quality of performances diminishes because it becomes difficult FOR SOME to put their best foot forward. Or like a conflict ridden relationship, one looks for approval and acceptance (student to teacher AND teacher to student) and continues striving for the elusive perfection.

3. Do you allow teachers who are MAYBE having a bad day or are consistently mean and punitive take away your power?  Do you realize that when you gripe to yourself and others in the studio, you lose focus and power?  More errors, forgetfulness, less flow, more pain .............

4. You join in the conflict when you match it (just as negative as the teacher) in your mind and body. Student and teacher bond together negatively.

5. Who controls who?  Can you maintain your own Mental STRENGTH to take what you need to know to improve TO REACH YOUR GOALS and leave the emotional stuff where it belongs - WITH THE OWNER (person who behaves badly or 'good').  

6. I will tell you another story tomorrow.

PS - Pass along this article to your reads - It is ALL In You Head, by Sanna C, Dancer Magazine/January 2009

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