Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DanceMind: Dear Janie, Step Away ...

Janie, when you return from your trip, please reread your previous post.  I would like you to write to me what it was like for you. The story is not important. Those characters and events happen all over the world within companies, the faces are different.

What is the dancer's (your) experience with all of this going on?


It's All In Your Head! The Power of Thoughts on Performance. Dancer Magazine, Jan 2009.
Share this article with your dancer friends ... It is creating quite the buzzzzz.   Yes, dancers can manage their minds using mental techniques too - just like athletes!  

Tomorrow I will share a case with you that I am allowed to share although no names mentioned. You will be amazed at what can influence your performance. Read it tomorrow here while Janie's gone.

Performance Therapist. Coach.

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