Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dear Sanna - Happy New Year!

After a very long run of shows, working 10 days straight without a break, I was in desperate need of some rest! It's very difficult to go so many days, pushing myself during class and then for a 2 hour show. I am literally running around the entire show, because if I am not dancing, I am doing a quick change or standing on stage trying to look animated without being too distracting. By the end, even though I was more comfortable with the choreography, my shoes were completely dead and all my little aches and pains were flaring up. It was so nice to let my muscles settle down a little and sleep in!

My mom came to visit, so she got to see the last two shows and today we had the whole day to spend together. It was really strange not being in the states for new years and watching the ball drop with my old friends and family, and I definitely miss them, but I was also happy to have my mom visiting and spend the new year here with my new friends. It is also very pleasant, for the very first time, not to have to rush back to reality on the first of january. I don't remember the last time I wasn't extremely sad and depressed on new year's day, maybe flying back to my current home, going back to school with tons of homework due or the stress of a new season of ballet, post-nutcracker and post-holidays and post-fun. I know part of the reason was that I really had no holiday break, which is a little sad, but I still had a lot of fun having little parties with my friends between shows. I will have to think about my goals for the year as I recooperate in the next few days...

Happy New Year!


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